Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend update!

Well my lovely followers, my weekend was not that eventful..

I worked every single night, and I am not going to lie Friday night was so crazy at work that my legs are still aching from my standing and running around all night. 

It rained the entire! I was planning on being outside. So instead I went and bought "Just got with it" Love it. Watched it before work. 

So yesterday I had to be to work at 2, and worked tell 8, and 5 minutes before closing I got triple sat (means I got 3 tables at the same time). I was not very happy about this. I didn't end up leaving work tell almost 9:30, and then come to find out Scott who I didn't get to see all weekend due to work was leaving today again for the week for a b.l.m. project. I went home in tears. I went to Scott's to spend some time with him since he was leaving. It was a good night but just made me sad because I feel like my summer isn't summer since I work every night, and can't attend functions like bbq's, and things of that sort. I am really worn out. On a positive note, when I woke up this morning I had this text from Scott "I love you baby hopefully I will get to talk to you tonight. I love you more then anything"

It made me super happy. I also made an appointment to register for classes for this fall!  I am pretty excited for that! 

Oh and by the way I am loving this song, now I looked up the meaning and it made me really sad because of what it is actually about, but the beat is really good. I can't believe such a light hearted sounding song could have such a dark meaning, but I decided to just think of it as about shoes instead of what it is really about. 

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  1. Yay! Loved that movie! Try and enjoy summer even though you are working, I know it's tough. :( Sweet text from Scott. :)

  2. Hang in there--it will get better, and will all be worth it!! :)

  3. boo! I'm sure it's so hard especially since when you graduated from college you thought you were done with all the waiting tables business. I know all about it! Just look forward to your big decision and living in the same place as Scott soon!! Missed you while I was away :)