Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday!!!

so I am sad I missed yesterday's WILW, but my day was somewhat hectic. My mom, Aunt Susan (from Nevada), and Pop-e came to visit me for the day! I was so excited, and very sad when they left. So today's Thankful Thursday will include what I am loving too! Link up with Rebecca! She has a great blog! 

I'm thankful for my mom, Aunt Susan and Pop-e coming to visit. I also got to see the twins which always makes me happy. 

I'm thankful for a couple days off of work. I love my job, but it was nice to somewhat relax, but I am also thankful for the good tips I have been making! Helping out my bank account big time.

I'm thankful for the giveaway gifts I won! I will post pictures wearing them ASAP!

I'm thankful for all the AMAZING followers I have! You are all great! I also would love to know if I can make my blog more interesting, I would love to gain some more followers. (no I am not desperate, I promise)

I'm thankful for my amazing boyfriend. He is so great and I am so lucky!

I'm thankful for the big decision I made! I promise to reveal next week! 

I'm thankful for just all of you bloggers! You guys have made my life more interesting! So glad I started blogging!

Happy Thursday


  1. Awww those babies are so cute!!! I always wanted to be a twin, but I don't think I'd ever wanna HAVE twins myself. Whew. I know I could barely handle one, I can't imagine doing double duty! :o)

  2. Aaaahhhh! You're killing me with the big decision!! I can't wait :)

    Yay for family coming to visit! I absolutely love it when mine comes. There is nothing better in the world to me than to have all the people I love under one roof!