Thursday, August 11, 2011

Photo update! Moving update!

hey everyone! 
I missed yesterday which was "WILW" but I was driving all day to my mom's in Nebraska. 

Sad day I had to say good bye to Dallas. :( 
Scott and I have to leave her at his mom's our apartment won't let us have her there. 
I am heartbroken. 

This is Dallas when she was a puppy!

I also have a ton of pictures of the twins! and a video enjoy!

Love this picture! Scott's hair is all messed up because Tysen took his hat! 

My last picture with the boys before I left :( 

Scott had his 10 year reunion... eek! he will probably be upset with me telling you all that!

Class of 2001!
Ps. Do you see that the beard is longer? yes I have had no luck...

By the way! I got a pair of Chacos! Everyone should buy a pair! Amazing!!!

I am obsessed!

So I am in Nebraska and now going to start packing and organizing everything! Wish me luck! Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Cute pics with the twins. Sad about leaving Dallas! :(