Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday! (Need YOUR help)

love this quote...I thought you would enjoy it on a Friday!

So today I get to see Scott! My family is heading to Laramie for the weekend. 
Tomorrow would have been my Grandma's 85th birthday. 
My pop-e decided he still wanted to celebrate her birthday.
It will be a tough day tomorrow. 

This is grandma when I was a baby.

I miss her so much.

So last night I finally went on a bike ride! I was pretty proud of myself and I am loving riding again! 

So I have been thinking about making a new cd to move to...this is where you come in! 
Please leave a comment with what your favorite song is right now. I am going to make a cd with all your songs! 

I hope to get lots of comments with ideas! Happy Friday! 

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