Monday, October 10, 2011

random monday.

I have yet to get out of my pjs. Today we have today off for Columbus Day, and I have been watching SATC and really need to do something else....

I am craving boston baked beans so bad. I can't find them anywhere. 

I love the fall in Spearfish. 

I am training a volleyball game, and I might be traveling with the football team this weekend. I am a little bit nervous. 

Some of the girls I train with :) 

and lastly I named my car. Her 

OHHH I almost forgot. The twin's mom sent me a picture of them in the outfits I made! 

Happy monday! 


  1. Stella is very beautiful! :)
    and every now and then you need a lazy day!

  2. I would have stayed in my PJs too today but at work I be haha. Stella is a beaut! Glad we aren't the only ones that name our cars :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven