Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I'm loving that I got 2 tests done and one quiz. Not sure how I did, but glad that they are done. One more test to go! Then I am a free woman!

I'm loving that Scott and I have been having library dates lately. I guess they really aren't dates, but at least if we have to study...we are together! He laughs at me when I say this! 

I'm loving braids in hair. 

 (wish I could do these)

I'm loving my guy. :) 

Happy Wednesday!
Ps. always love your comments :) 


  1. awe i love that you and scott have library dates! :) so sweet!

  2. I love hair braids too, I just cant seem to make it happen on myself! Grrr! Congrats on being done with those tests/quiz!

  3. I also love the braids. Mine never look as good as that though!