Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 day week

So I have a 3 day week. 
Yesterday we had school off do to MLK Day.
I have to drive to back home Thursday night for an all day dentist appt Friday.

You may ask why all day.
Well here is a little something about me: 
When I was 12 I used to cross country ski as a sport.
I was at practice, and was told to use the tracks (pre-groomed ski tracks) to go down the hill.
Well due to the pine trees I couldn't see the bottom of the hill because of a turn.
A kid had crashed and was upset at the bottom.
I got in the tracks and went down the hill, he was still upset and I swerved to miss him.
I turned my head at the last moment.
His ski went into my mouth and pulled out two teeth from the roots.

That is why I wear a retainer. 
It has fake teeth on it. 
So hopefully this Friday after have a retainer for 12 years I will be getting a bridge.

So sick of this retainer!

So my fingers are crossed!!!!

Yesterday I did nothing. 
I mean nothing. 
I did one workout and pretty much lounged around with Milli all day. 

I also watched: 

It was pretty cute. Not the best acting, but I enjoyed it! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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  1. awe sweet Milli is adorable!!

    and i cannot believe that you had your teeth ripped out! omg it made me cringe when i was reading!