Monday, January 16, 2012


I saw this over at one of my favorite blogs Alison 
and I thought it would be good for this snowy Monday! 

Current Book:
I just finished The Night Circus last night

Current Playlist:
Safe and Sound-Taylor Switch ft Civil Wars

Current Color:
all natural....I'm trying to stop biting my nails

Current Food:
I'm going to have some Greek yogurt with some granola 

Current Favorite Show(s):
Like always...Grey's Anatomy and I have been watch Teen Mom 2 

Current Needs: 
I need my books to get here! I decided to order from this time to save money and they aren't here and I have homework!

Current Triumphs: 
Milli has been doing good at potty training! and I deep cleaned the apartment! 

Current bane of my existence: 
Living in an apartment. So loud!!!! and I want a back yard for Milli! 

Current Celebrity Crush:
Same as always: Jason Witten and Jack Johnson

Current #1 Blessing:
My family and friends! 

Current indulgence: 
My pop-e's beer bread....yummy!

Current Outfit: 
Rocking the pj's

Current Excitement: 
Vegas!!! Only 18 days away!

Current mood: 
Happy. Nice to have Monday off from school! 

Current favorite quote or verse: 

Current Favorite App:
To be honest, I haven't downloaded that many apps on my iPhone. 

Current Favorite Product: 
love this!!! I use it more than once daily! 

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday! 

1 comment:

  1. So fun! Jealous of your day off! Glad Milli is doing good with peeing outside!!!