Thursday, January 12, 2012

Officially BACK. (Pics)

So because of Christmas break and working over break 
I was not blogging that much.
So this is my officially back post! 

I worked the entire break except for the 22-27th.
It was worth it to have money for Christmas and my upcoming Vegas trip,
but it did make me feel like I didn't have a break and time to rejuvenate for this semester.

PS. School started today. Epic Fail.

So now for pictures! 

YAY! The twins. They are now running around!

Treyce wanted my camera so bad! I had a hard time taking pictures! 

Tysen's new style :/ haha!

Cappy's (Where I worked) Christmas Party
My beautiful friend Jenny (who I found out is expecting her 2nd child) Yay! 

My good friend Tiffany

The owner and boss, but to me is like a mommy! 

Dallas and Madison. Her new bff! 

Sweet Dallas! 

Scott and I's attempt at a Gingerbread house 

Treyce man. 

Love the look Treyce is giving me! 

Loving my twins! hehe! 

Pop-e Bear! 

Even I had to do some stunting in the decorating process! 

Pop-e turned 86 on the 22nd!!! 

Dylainee my baby sister turned 16!!

Christmas Eve dinner with my sisters! 

The fam bam!

Milli Christmas morning :)

Pop-e with one of the twins 

Christmas morning!

love my pop-e! 

one of my new favorite pics! 

Sleeping with grandma! 

A night at the elks...and I won....???????

I was one excited girl!

New Year's Eve :) 

So I know this included a lot of pics! But I wanted to catch everyone up!
Happy Thursday!
So happy to be back blogging!

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  1. Great pics! Those ones with Milli are soooo cute. Glad you are back!!