Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can it be the weekend....

Dear Weekend.
Can you please start. 
Thank you.

Hello everyone! 

This weekend I am hoping to make these: 

I am not the best at this will be interesting.

And can I have a quick vent session? 
I hope so.

I am feeling a little frustrated because it seems like all my friends are getting engaged or already married.
I know that each couple is different, and you aren't supposed to compare.
But, it's almost been 4 years, and I am just wondering and wishing.
Is this normal? Anything I can do from being slightly jealous?
(Thank you for letting me vent quickly)

I love these finds I found on pinterest. 

Oh and some exciting news...some more Physical Education jobs came open, one even where I student taught, so I really hope I am at least considered for that one!
Prays please!!!

(from when I student taught)

Lastly I hope you all have a great day... 


  1. Are you in that bottomo picture? Hahha!! Just kidding, but you do like look one of your kids! Said a prayer!!

    I know it sucks to hear "Just be patient," but it really will happen at the perfect time for y'all.

    And I am SO ready for the weekend as well!!!

    P.S. Come link up in my FAVORITE THINGS link up!! :)

  2. Totally normal. Your time will come, I promise and it will be perfect! :) I have seen lots of wedding pins! :)
    YAY for jobs! Fingers crossed for you.

  3. OH, will absolutely keep you in my thoughts for the job! I loved your first picture about something being beautiful in every day!

    Happy seeing beautiful!