Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekend update (finally)

Well my long weekend became longer due to the weather.
I got stuck at home due to roads being absolutely awful, and I think I got out of there just in time because all day today the roads were closed in every direction!

So I got to see my family, and Milli got to see her Grandma Muir. (Scott's Mom)

Aren't those smiles killer :) 

A happy late fat tuesday from milli! 

My weekend was spent hanging with family and doing homework! 
insert deep sigh. 

So that is why you haven't heard from me! I got home late last night and this is my first day back!

So I do have to share, if you haven't heard of The Civil Wars. Download them! 
I bought their album on sale on iTunes for only $7.99!


Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Great pics, glad you made it home safe! I will have to check that music out!