Friday, March 30, 2012

Hola Friday!

Why hello there!!!

Friday, I am glad you are here, even though training this weekend is not making me very happy!

Last night I made lemon cupcakes with homemade raspberry frosting.
I was somewhat happy with them.
Scott loved them, but the frosting never got thick or fluffy like it was supposed to.
Who knows what I did wrong, but here they are!

I found the recipe of pinterest of course. 
Here is the link

So I also thought you would find this entertaining. 
Every morning I am up before Scott.

This gives me time to clean up the apartment and what not.
Well his closet is in a different room, so I opened the door to put some stuff in there.

I instantly started laughing when I opened the door.
Scott's friend was in town yesterday.
He was going golfing.
Scott was so excited the night before, he actually picked out his clothes and laid them out!

I had to make fun of him.

So I leave you with this :) 

Happy Weekend :) 

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