Monday, April 2, 2012


Well even though I had to train, I had one great weekend!

I got done with class, and came home and cleaned up the house.
I told Scott we should go grab a drink since it was Friday....
So we decided to go downtown, it was so much fun!

We played pool, ended up eating downtown, and seeing lots of friends!
I was really happy! I had a great time with Scott!!


I had to train at 8:30-BOO!
But luckily I was done around noon. 
I came home, and showered, I decided to make homemade salsa.
So good!

2 Cans of Hunts Whole Tomatoes
5-6 Jalapenos 
Chili Powder
Garlic Salt
1 Lime
1/2 white onion

You add to a blender, and you can add all the ingredients pretty much to taste, so if you like it hotter, add more chili powder!

I love it because I hate chunky salsa, so this is perfect!

After that, I started to watch one of the final four games with Scott...fell asleep for 2 hours!

We then went to Deadwood and gambled for a couple hours. 
We didn't win much, but had a good time.


I had a coffee date (over the phone) with my mom.
Rand some errands, and then had training.

I made an old family German recipe, called Watermelon Noodles.
Sounds nasty, but its one of my favorites!
Watched tv with my loves, and went to bed!
Overall I wonderful weekend!

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