Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY! Milli update!

So my good friend Brooke, sent me an email late last night asking me to join this movement.
I didn't have a chance until this evening to look at. 
I was talking to my mother, and my sister kept saying "tell Kae to watch that video" 
So I did.
Here is my words....

Watch the video here at
You can help by doing three things, join, get the kit, and tell everyone!

I just ordered the kit!

Take time to watch the video. It's 30 minutes long, but it's worth it.

Milli Update: 

Well last night sadly Milli was in the cone of shame.
She was bad about licking.
She also got sick from the surgery. Broke my heart.

Let me tell you.
Today was completely different. 
She is jumping and running, but scaring me because I don't want her to rip her stitches! 
So she has to hang out by me a lot. 
I just wanted to update you all :) 
Thank you for all the kind words!


  1. YAY! For making Kony famous. Poor Milli, yeah it didn't take Cruz long to feel better too. Glad she is better today!

  2. Glad that Milli is doing great!