Monday, March 12, 2012


Why hello there Monday.
1. I don't like the time change
2. I hate school.

Anyways I was somewhat over consumed with work and the teacher fair I went to last week, so I can finally update you!!!

Mill first of all is doing absolutely awesome! 

This is Milli's bff Madie 

Milli playing with Pop-e

I worked all week. Boo.
But I did go to the teacher fair. I feel really good about it, and I am hoping that a job comes out of it!!!

I did see the twins one day when I got off work!
They were IN LOVE with Uncle Scott....

Don't you love that Scott and I are matching...Fail.

Wearing Uncle Scott's hat and glasses

I love that they have the same expression

Scott surprised me with taking me to my parent's house for Saturday and Sunday.
I was so excited.
I hadn't seen my momma since Christmas, plus we got Pop-e to come too!

We ended up tie dying shirts! 

My cat that will be 13 years old 

My sister's new boyfriend 

our shirts! 

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Happy Monday


  1. cute shirts!!!

    and i love how you and scott are matching! one time david and i went roller skating and when we got the pictures back we realized that we were both wearing white shirts and brown shorts. it was awesome!

  2. Cute shirts! :) Love. Glad the fair went well! I hope someone snatches you up! :)