Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So growing up, my real dad never let me play baseball or softball growing up.
Long story, but I always watched, and enjoyed. 

Scott last year took me to my first MLB game. 
It was sooooooo AWESOME.
Growing up my pop-e has always loved the Chicago Cubs. He is 87 and has loved them since he was 13.

So of course I am a Cubs fan, but also do like the Rockies since they are close to us. 

I thought I would share the pics because I would love to be in a stadium with it being super hot, drinking a cold beer, eating a hot dog, and loving the atmosphere around me! 

Scott and his mom

But of course I love the Chicago Cubs, so I do wish I could go to Wrigley Field! 

And I had to laugh so hard when I saw this commercial!

Who is your favorite team???


  1. S fun. I'm not big into babe ball but I think it would be fun to go to a game! :) More of a hockey girl!!

  2. Wrigley Field (and Wrigleyville) is one of my favorite places. Ah-mazing.