Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tribute and a confession....

Last night one of the saddest announcements for me was made.
My role model, hero, and favorite coach stepped down.
Pat Summitt you are truly amazing. 
No words can really explain what an impact you have made on women's basketball.

Pat Summitt was diagnosed last year with early onset dementia.
She coached one more year, and last night decided to step down as the Tennessee Vols Coach.
She has one 8 titles, and is the NCAA's most winningest coach...this includes over the men.
She won 1098 games! 

At 14 I read her book, "Reach for the Summitt" 
It's even autographed by Chamique Holdsclaw! 

If you want an amazing read, read her book..

This is a video clip that you should watch! I cried!

Now onto my confession. 
I am beyond frustrated today...with a lot of things, so please just pray that I can get through the frustration! 
I don't like to be negative, so its hard for me to feel this upset and frustrated!

I hope everyone has a amazing Thursday!

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  1. Ah how sad. :( You totally can get through this frustration!!! :) Have a great weekend!!