Thursday, June 21, 2012


So as I have talked about it in my last few posts, I have two weddings in the same day next weekend!
Luckily they are in the same town.
I am planning on going to my good friend from high school's wedding and most of her reception, and 
then hoping over to the other wedding's reception!

Here is where you guys come in.
I am not good at fashion.
I try to doesn't work.

I bought this dress for the occasion a couple months back, now I need to know whether I should buy a belt, what kind and color of shoes, and other accessories...
I am heading to town after work tomorrow, so that is why it is urgent!

Here is the dress..

Do I wear a tank under???

Ps. yes that is my 13 year old bear that I still sleep with in the picture haha!

I would love the hear your help!!!!
MUCHO thanks!!!

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  1. LOVE that dress!!! It her black in it? I'd pair it with black accessories, maybe chunky black belt and wedges? ;) Or a bright earrings to match?