Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm alive...barely! HA!

Hello everyone!
Well let me tell you that was a week...I mean a week...

I didn't get to move until Friday, and then had a wedding in another town Saturday and then moved the rest of my stuff Sunday.....This is basically what I felt/looked like.

Today volleyball conditioning started. I am the Freshman Volleyball coach. This went well. The girls are a little out of shape, but they were trying hard!!!
(I thought this photo was cute)

The other parts of my day today were ridiculous to say the least.
I basically found out that my landlord is a "slumlord"
Nothing is fixed, my dad came and fixed a ton of things and I am still cleaning so I can even put things away.
Today the cable/internet guy came and there were wasp nests everywhere. I had to help him and buy him wasp spray so he could finish.
There are a couple other things, so I am just a tad bit peeved! 
Thank GOD for Milli!!!! She is my buddy!

So to finish up I thought I would share a couple photos of the wedding this past weekend!
And pics of the apartment to come once it is clean!!!

So glad to be back online blogging!

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