Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 Snow Days, the Interview, 4 months

Well I got my wish! Not only did we get a snow day yesterday, but one today too! Trust me, I am one HAPPY girl. Milli is loving the snow and the fact that I am actually home. 
We haven't done barely anything eventful. Watch a ton of movies and eat. That is is about as productive as our days have gone. I am sad to go back to school tomorrow, but at least it's already Thursday.

(The new toy I just bought...already fixing it)

Muir's interview was today. I think it went well, he is pretty apprehensive about it. He says he doesn't think he did as well as he could, but I am sure he did great. I hope we find out soon! In the mean time, we have been facetiming a lot haha! 

So fingers are crossed....

Lastly, I realized that today is the 10th...which means... exactly 4 months tell our wedding day!
AHH! Crazy! It's getting close!!

Hope you all are having great Wednesdays 


  1. Hope he gets the job!! Facetime has been acting up a bit lately!!

    Love her ace while you are fixing her toy!

  2. I want a snow day but minus the snow!! :) It's snowing now but nothing gives us snow days - it's Canada!
    Fingers crossed for Scott! YAY for 4 months!!

  3. The only good thing about snow is the snow days!