Monday, April 8, 2013

Power on...power off...

hello there bloggers. 
I sit here with the power going off...power going back on.. We are in a blizzard warning, well let me rephrase that, the blizzard is here. All I have to say is with all this crappy weather, this girl is hoping for a snow day...I know, I know a girl can wish eh? 

My weekend was pretty low key. Mr. Muir was supposed to come visit, but he ended up not being able to...kinda bummed its going on 2 months without seeing each other. So I ended up finishing my book, which I highly recommend. Amazing read. 

I ended up being SUPER lazy Saturday, I didn't even change out of my pj's eek! My friend Casey stopped by on her way to the airport..she was heading to Vegas....Jealous! 
It was nice to see her. After she left M and I watched some of my favorite shows ALL day. 

Sunday I woke up early, and decided that I needed to do something. I drove to my mom's picked her up and we had a day of shopping. It was so much fun. It was just her and I and it was great to spend the whole day with her. I seriously was having the worst time leaving last night to drive back here....

love my momma.

That was my weekend! haha! I do enjoy low key weekends though. 

But pray for a snow day, and also Mr. Muir has a job interview Wednesday! We really need this one! 


  1. Ugh more snow?? I'm ever soo hoping we are done with it!!! Glad you had a great weekend!!

  2. I need to read that!!! Hope you get yo see Scott soon and his interview went awesome!!