Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guilty pleasures.... (tv edition)

So even though I am not one to watch a ton of shows on tv, there are a few that have either stuck with me, or I still watch. My favs are: Grey's Anatomy, Sex and the City, The Office, and of course Friends. When I was in high school I did collect That 70's show.

Well tonight is Grey's. It's my one night that Scott is completely cool with me having the tv for an hour! Love it, but I have to admit I wasn't always a fan. My roommates in college were faithful Grey's watchers. Well my last semester in college my roommate finally talked me into starting the show...I was hooked. I luckily worked at a movie store, so I was able to get caught up quickly. 

Scott does love Friends like I do, and we actually go to sleep watching it every night. Something that is kinda our thing. We finish all 10 seasons, and we start again. 

They all have great quotes too!!!! Sorry if this is a weird post, but I had to share, because I get so excited for my one night! 

My favorite quote from friend's: 

What are your favorite shows? 

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  1. I love greys!! I also love that I have a tv show to watch every night Sunday- Thursday! Clearly I watch too many shows!!