Monday, October 7, 2013

weekend and a mingle

Hello there! head over to Life of Meg and mingle! So my weekend was busy and cold! 
Friday: was a huge snow storm, which postponed our trip to my mother's to get the rest of my stuff. Scott said we needed some adult time so we went out for a little bit. It was sure nice to see some friends!

Saturday:  We decided it was time, and we moved in FINALLY. I will post pictures of updates when I get more done! It was so cold and so tiring, but it was so rewarding staying the night in OUR OWN HOUSE!

(my key..hehe gotta love Disney) 

my husband surprised me with a bottle of wine and a movie.
Wine: delicious.
Movie: not a fan. I only liked one part in the whole movie...

Sunday: we went much needed grocery shopping.... Scott's mom brought back some tea from her trip back east. AMAZING. Then we had my cousin Courtney and her lover over, and Scott's parents to watch the game. Dallas didn't win, but it was a good game, and fun to have people over!

Overall it was a nice weekend but busy. 

I felt pretty tired going to work today! 

And for my MINGLE question: Fall movies - what upcoming movie are you most excited for? 

*Bad grandpa (haha I know, but it makes me laugh)
*Catching fire


  1. Yuck to a snow storm!! I couldn't imagine seeing that stuff yet!! I'm happy if it just sprinkles on Christmas and lately we have barely got that lol!

  2. Love those pink converse! Can't believe the snow storm thing and living in Alberta Canada I am expecting it any day now. Visiting via LifeofMeg linky party.