Monday, October 21, 2013


Happy Monday, and I hope you all had a great weekend. I felt like ours was a whirlwind, even with having Friday off! 

Friday: Day off for both Scott and I. It was super nice to sleep in past 6:00 am! We both relaxed, and then I was surprised by some family that lives in town. We had a nice visit. After Scott went to lunch with a friend, and I got cleaned up. Milli had a vet appointment to try to figure out once again why she is itching so badly. So we had allergy testing done, and get the results this week. She also got a microchip which I am super happy about. I felt so bad though because the vet stresses her out so badly.

She wouldn't stop cuddling and whining. Broke my heart, so I may have ordered her some new collars. She isn't spoiled. 

After the appointment I had to run home and get ready for the football game. Once again it was FREEZING. and my cousin Courtney was my date as always. They game to say the least was very bad again, so we left after the 3rd quarter.

I sure do have fun hanging out with her, and she finds out her baby's gender on Halloween!

Saturday: we got up early and drove to Laramie. I got my nails done and a pedi which was sooooo nice, since it had been since the wedding! Scott went and tailgated for awhile, and I just relaxed with pop-e and Mill pie. Overall it was relaxing just to hang out with him.

I did get to enjoy a pumpkin spiced latte! yum! 

Sunday: we had to get going early again since Scott had papers to grade, but we ended up getting groceries since Laramie has a Wal-mart which is so much cheaper then the grocery store we have. It started snowing. BOO. The trip home took longer then expected. I went on a rampage when we got home. I painted and almost finished the living room. I need this house to come together!

Today: we had a professional development day which makes for a long day. I paid bills, did laundry, and made dinner. I was planning on finishing painting but I think after this post a bath and bed sounds much better. Painting can come tomorrow!

I leave you with an attempt of a family photo, a video of Scott and M, and a picture of M's new favorite spot.

Have a great evening and as always thank you for stopping by! love all your comments!


  1. adore that family photo "attempt" -- it's perfectly precious :)


  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! Poor M! Hope she stops itching soon!! Love your family photo attempt haha