Thursday, October 24, 2013

this and that

Oh, how I hate the days that I don't get a chance to blog! 
So with that Happy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! I had every intention of blogging last night, but I came home from work to find.... MY HUSBAND. This may not seem odd to you, but for me it was one heck of a good surprise. Scott is using coaching, but he didn't go to practice, and decided instead to surprise me. He was painting the rest of the living room where I couldn't reach. It was such a great surprise, and so nice to have our living room basically done other then the fine points of decorating! (pictures to come)

What a sweetheart. he has my heart.

So of course, what did I have to do. Decorate for Halloween of course.

I just love Halloween.

My kiddos also made some pretty cute spiders. found the idea on pinterest, and they made it look pretty dang adorable.

So in other randomness, I am excited because tomorrow is Scott's last football game. I do love sports, and love coaching, but it will be nice to have him around more. I kinda like the guy. 

also I can't get enough of Lorde. Downloaded her whole album which was on sale on itunes! highly recommended. 

Yes, I told you...this and that today. haha.

Well I leave you with this funny video I saw! 

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. Love that blue color for the walls!! Can't wAit to see it all finished!!