Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend, Babies (gender), and Halloween

My oh my it's Monday, and I completely spaced, and thought I had blogged since last Monday. Turns out I was wrong Happy Monday Kae. haha. Anyways so many exciting things to show and share with you! 

Rewind to Halloween: So my kiddos got a Halloween Party all day. It was nice to not have to teach, but at the same time super chaotic when you have a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds in costumes running around, eating candy! It was fun! I was a spider again!!! 

Some of the amazing ladies I work with! 

Of course I had to go see the twins. They didn't get to trick-o-treat because it was about 30 degrees out and windy. Too cold for the sweethearts. So auntie Kae went and saw them. Cutest Buzz and Woody ever!!!! 

After Scott and I went to dinner with some of the football coaches, and they came over for awhile. It was really nice to just relax. 

But the biggest news.... My cousin found out the GENDER of peanut! 

It's a.... BOY!!!!!!!!
(you will be able to see that haha)

Time to buy more boy stuff : )

A very eventful but amazing Halloween

Friday: I had to work and Scott had the day off. I'm not pouting. He went rock hunting in the desert.... don't ask. SUPER boring to me haha. It was a work day at work, so it was quick. The rest of the day I relaxed and then when Scott got home we just went to bed! We were so tired. 

Milli did get her new collars! She looks so pretty!

Saturday: Scott and I continued to sleep. We slept in tell 11! I couldn't believe it! We then had to go to lunch with his grandma and her husband. We love Scott's grandma, but her husband is a little difficult to get a long with. After we stopped by and saw Colton, Cortnee, and the twins. Scott finally got to meet their new puppy Sawyer. 

She loved her Uncle Scott.

The twins woke up and wanted to play outside!!!

I love that they were wearing the hats we bought them!!!

That evening we started to put some stuff away, and then went to bed!

Sunday: First off...LOVE THE TIME CHANGE. I felt like I got so much sleep. We watched football and kept cleaning and putting stuff away. I made cookies, and some adult cider which I found on pinterest. I highly recommend it. 

Nom. Nom.

Today: Oh monday. I am glad it my relaxing time. I had a good work day, very busy, and then came home and cleaned up the hoses and yard for winter time. I started racking the yard, and got half way done before the sun went down. Now that the time change happened 5 pm makes for a dark evening. 

Now I am off to finish dinner! I hope you all had a great weekend and happy monday!


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  1. Love your costume and the twins are too cute and tall!! ;) that apple cider looks amazing!!