Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend..and a mingle

Hello! Happy Monday!

Was it super dark when you woke up today? It's always still dark when I do, but it was still dark when I went to work at 7:30! I was so thrown off by this all day. It made me want to curl up in a blanket and watch movies all day with Milli. 

Speaking of Milli we got her results from her allergy testing, now we know what to not give her, and that she is allergic to Dust mites...ugh. Washing all the time from now on! 

But onto the weekend!

Friday: As I post on Friday, we had a toddler party and Milli tried on her costume. Loved.

That night was Scott's last football game! It was so cold and they lost... sad : ( but I am glad to be finally seeing my husband finally! 

Court and I at our last football game

Saturday: Scott left for his "boys weekend" so I went and picked up my bountiful basket, and kept putting stuff away around the house. That evening I went to a wedding, and the boys (twins) came over for a slumber party! they were so much fun to have, and Milli was absolutely amazing with them. Makes me so happy to know she will be great with kids, but I never doubted that! 

*all three watching Finding Nemo*

Sunday: The boys woke up at 6! ha so much for sleeping in. I made them breakfast and then they went home. I watched a documentary on Marilyn Monroe (LOVE HER) called Love, Marilyn, and then I decided to get busy. I ended up painting my bathroom, and Scott's mom came and helped. After that I napped.....made dinner, and watched the documentary Blackfish. I recommend it, but I was extremely sad and angry for the whales when it was over, and sad for those who have died loving them... 

Scott got home around 10, and by that time I was wiped out. night night for Kae. 

Today: It was a decent Monday. The kiddos are so excited since it's Halloween, and I def share that excitement with them! We got Milli and allergy shot that should help with itching...and I went grocery shopping. While I was typing this, The Vow was on tv, and it was at a certain part that I I have to share. 

Makes you smile to finish up a Monday!!!!

Sorry for the randomness towards the end! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!! 

Link up with Meg

Meg's mingle question: What are going going to do or be for Halloween?

I plan on being a spider again for school, and passing out lots of candy! I think I'll make hot cider and have donuts because that is a tradition my mom started :)


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  1. We watched blackfish too!! So sad. Love Millis outfit!! Ha so awesome!! The twins are so big and cute!!