Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2 Mondays?!? And a weekend

Hello! I feel as if I have had two Mondays in a row... The last two days have tested my patience for sure. Yesterday started with me excited as I only had 10 school days then it's break, well on my way to work my engine in my vehicle shut down 4 times, and almost caused to me wreck because it was snowy and I had several cars behind me. Stressed. I called the dealership where I got it because I only bought this vehicle in March. They didn't help much and told me to bring it to them. I informed them that I live almost two hours away, and taking it on the interstate wouldn't be happening. So I took it to the car place here which the engine shut down again..... They told me it couldn't be looked at tell today... (1st Monday). 
Today.... I was scared to drive my vehicle but had to because Scott teaches at a different school... I took back roads and I'm so glad I did because it shut down twice..... I was almost in tears.... The day seemed to follow that same tone. I got my vehicle looked at after school and something in the engine is clogged bad causing it to shut down.... So I get it back tomorrow.... (2nd Monday) 

So enough of my complaining.... Flashback to Friday!

 Friday: we decided to give Molli a shower to help with the itching she has torn up her neck and it breaks my heart. I had to capture the action....

 She loves the blow dryer so she got treated... You can see her poor neck :(

Saturday: it wasa laid back day. Scott reffed a tournament all day and I hung out with my aunt and cousin. We watched movies and relaxed. We also stopped to see these two dolls! 

Sunday: I couldn't take waiting any longer so Scott finally gave in to go get the Christmas tree. We also got one for pop-e! We drove up to the mountains which is one of my favorite places. 

And honestly I carried both trees haha, I only teased Scott a little about it. We also decorated the house..... I am so excited to have it all festive! 

The weekend was nice! I don't enjoy the 40+ mph winds but other than that great weekend! Oh I a so happy to finally be posting! 

Hope you didn't have two Mondays! 

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  1. Awe poor Milli!! :( her neck looks soooo sore. I love your tree adventure!! So cute.