Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little couple's questions

Happy Hump Day!!!!!
I was back to work today, and my nasea was gone, but a chest cold set in. Oh well, I wasn't wanting to take another day I bucked up, and went. It was a good day, but it's sooooo cold her...right now it's about -22 out. I love snow. I love love love. I just wish it wasn't so bitter. I don't mind a snowy December! I took this picture driving to work today..
(yes- I have the Christmas station on!)
So awhile back I saw this on a friend's blog, and thought it was a good idea for a post. As a newlywed I am beyond happy with my husband. I feel so blessed to have this wonderful man in my life, but once in awhile being a newlywed hasn't always been a "honeymoon" and it's an adjustment, of course one that we get through and it only makes us stronger. I love him beyond words. I thought this fun post would happen to help remind us of those cute little things!!!
1. How long have you been married?
Kae: A whole 3 months. (4 months next week)
Scott: Almost 4 months
2. When and where did you meet?
Kae: At my aunt's house, cousin's graduation reception, May 29, 2008
Scott: Met in May at Kae's aunt and uncle's house
3. What is his worst habit?
Kae: leaving stuff piled around or pop bottles on the night stand
Scott: Chewing.. (gross I wish he would quit)
4. Where was our first kiss?
Kae: at his house
Scott: at my house
5. Who said I love you first?
Kae: me...on the fourth of July
Scott: YOU DID!
6. If you were ordering us drinks - what would you order?
Kae: Me: Bloody Mary or Moscato Scott: Bud light or Bloody Mary
Scott: Her: Wine (bottle) haha Moscato Him: Bud light (Smarty pants) *If it was a football game we would both drink bloody mary's
7. What was the worst meal we ever made?
Kae: Spinach spaghetti
Scott: the only meal we threw out...what was it Kae? (spinach spaghetti)
8. What is your favorite thing about her?
Kae: My independence, my eyes, smile (I have no idea haha)
Scott: eyes, your humor
9. What is his favorite movie?
Kae: Karate Kid, Braveheart (after he answered I wanted to slap myself I knew that!)
Scott: Joe Dirt
10. What is his dream job?
Kae: Something to do with football...???
Scott: Be a big time college football coach
11. What is his biggest pet peeve?
Kae: Going to the grocery store, conflict
Scott: dip s*** drivers
(he said mine were right too haha)
Not too shabby!

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