Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday fellow bloggers! 

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. I am enjoying relaxing after dinner at the in-laws, and spending time with my loves. So nice after a long week back at work. 

-1- So as a lot of my fellow bloggers, I got a new planner for 2014. I love planners (yes I'm a nerd). I also love to collage and to keep my fitness goal I collaged the whole planner. 

-2- I am loving F. Scott's writing. His quotes just warm my heart, and I love his writing. I have been pinning like crazy. 

-3- Scott and I never got a honeymoon after we got married due to having to be at work the Monday after our wedding. We are looking to book one for this summer and would like to get on it ASAP. I am taking suggestions pretty please!!!!! 

-4- Well we have had 30 to 40 mph winds here all week along with snow. It's sooo lovely   So my skin is so screaming for moisture. I am literally obsessed with my Clinique lotion. I highly recommend.


-5- My best friend is begging for me to start Downtown Abbey, yay or nay? 

I hope you all have a wonderful, warm weekend! 


  1. Love your daytimer!! A beach. Any beach is better than the snow. Look for a deal! We went to Cuba on a deal. We love the Mayan though.

  2. Jamaica was awesome, as was Dominican!! Happy trip planning!!