Thursday, January 9, 2014

don't stop.

So as you know my goal is to work out 5-6 days a week. I finished day 4 today.

My biggest problem is I want results instantly, and I give up when I don't see them. I can be impatient when it comes to myself. So I collaged all over my planner, have a background on my phone, and I think if I blog about it maybe I'll stay motivated to see results. It is weird, you would think that me being a P.E. and Health major, athlete my whole life I would know that results don't come overnight. I guess when I gained weight do to a medication it made me unmotivated because I have never had to think as much to myself getting older, and my body changing. (I don't mean that badly I have always had to work for my fitness, but not as hard I guess) 

So this week: 
Monday: insanity
Tuesday: elliptical and treadmill, weights, abs
Wednesday: Treadmill (variety program-30 mins.) abs
Thursday: Spinning class (first time too)

Some of my motivations! What do you do to motivate? Please share!! Love your comments!

Happy Thursday! 

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  1. You got this girl! I love insanity. Just get into the routine of it and you will stick with it. Take before pics!!