Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Catch up... part 2

Hello!!!!! Happy HUMP DAY. 

So I am finally catching up from the rest of my 2 week holiday. So this is the rest of the Christmas holiday. It was so wonderful, and I love the time with my family. I did get a new Christmas gift... a camera...a really nice camera. I have been wanting one for awhile since my other digital camera broke. Scott's parents/sister gave me gift cards, which helped me get my camera. I love it. I haven't quite got the whole program down, but when I do I will be adding some more Christmas photos. 

So below are from my phone!

My sweet pop-e turned 88 on December 22nd. He loves... I mean loves P.F. Changs, so we drove down to Colorado a day early and finished our shopping, and then the next day celebrated my sweet favorite man's birthday. 

love him more than words.

family photo.

My mom is one of 5 sisters and they were finally all together! 

The girls and their dad. Wish grandma was still here.

The next day was spent getting pop-e's house ready for Christmas. 

Christmas Eve is another special day, my baby sister's birthday. She turned 18! So exciting, but makes me sentimental since she is growing up. 

I always feel bad though because she doesn't get much of a day since she shares with Christmas dinner and what not... I love her to the moon and back, and I am excited of the woman she is becoming and will become. 

On Christmas Eve we have our dinner, and my grandma started a tradition when my mom and sisters were young. Every Christmas Eve they got new pj's to wear to bed that night. Well my mom and her twin have continued the tradition, as I will someday. Since Scott is now family he even got new pj's! 

At Christmas Eve dinner 

Christmas day with so many people is crazy. It is wonderful. We open gifts, then go to my aunt's for bunch. spend the day in our pj's. I love it.

Milli had a great Christmas. I love her.. She was so excited! 

In her elf costume. 

Scott spoiled me big time.... 
I got a North Face coat, nike gear, shoes, clothes, and a..WINE FRIDGE. he knows his wife so well. 

my new camera. 

Scott didn't last at bunch very long. 

Enjoying my pop-e's homemade Tom and Jerry's. So delicious! 

The next few days we relaxed, and Scott had a doctor's appointment. It was so nice.. and I miss it so much already. 

I hope you all had a great Christmas. 

Happy Hump Day.
I'm officially caught up! 


  1. Omg Millie's outfit made me laugh out loud! Love the little elf!! Haha. Looks like you had great holidays with family!! Enjoy your new camera!!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Milli!! So cute. Love all the photos. Love family time.