Monday, June 13, 2011


hey to all my lovely followers! 

So I thought today I would give an update from my weekend. Even though I am starting to feel like my weekends aren't weekends anymore. I work all weekend, and I work nights which makes it hard to enjoy things such as BBQ's, time with family and friends and Scott. I am not going to lie, I am a little depressed over this. (sorry I had to complain a little because I am feeling my summer isn't summer as of right now) 

Friday-----> I wasn't feeling very well, so I basically was a lazy bum all day. I got ready for work, and was hoping it would be a slamming night....not so much. I think due to the nice weather, it was slow. I had all my side work done by 10. We close at 10 haha, so needless to say I got home early, and seriously crashed out. Scott watched the hockey game with some buddies and went out. 

Saturday-----> After doing nothing productive Friday, I decided to sleep in a little bit, and I got up and decided to lay out on the deck. (with sunscreen of course) I was happy to say I have noticeable tan lines from my swimsuit! YAY! Well Saturday was a little bit better of a night. I was happy to say I actually walked out with some good tip money! YAY! 

Sunday----> Well I had to work earlier on Sunday then normal. I walked in and a girl I work with said I already had 3 tables. I had taken 10 tables with in an hour and a half. Usually Sunday nights are dead, but we got packed last night, and I had a section that is normally covered by 2 people to myself. It kinda kicked my butt, it was worth it. Walked out with full pockets! I am not going to lie, I let myself go get ice cream after that! 

Alright, so enough about my boring work weekend! Now time to reveal my big decision! So I have been talking in the past months how hard it has been for me to find a p.e. teaching job. Due to budget cuts and applicants being over 100 for each job, its hard. I started to feel like a failure because I couldn't find a job. So I did some thinking. And after talking with my parents (who are both in education) I decided to go back to school in August and pursue another endorsement! I am going to get a English endorsement and a health minor. P.E. is still my passion, but at least I have something else to fall back on and will be more marketable...hopefully! So what do you think???? Right decision? Also to add more to this decision I have decided to get my other endorsement at a different school. I have lived in this town before and loved it. Here is the big bonus....its where Scott goes to school too! So that means....NO MORE DISTANCE! I have decided to get my own place, and found out I got the apartment I wanted! So to my sweet blogging friends whose opinions do matter to me...I would love to know what you think about my big decision?!!??? 

Anways I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! 

Ps.....Friday is my 25th bday....duh duh duh..... still mixed feelings about this...


  1. eek...thursday is my 26th! yay for june bdays!

  2. YAY for going back to school and no more long distance! Good work girl! :) Congrats. And good work on all the tips and tan!

  3. The dress you sent is precious! I got it in the mail today and I LOVE it! Thank you so much :)

  4. Congratulations on all of the big decisions coming your way! It sounds like things are all falling into place, and I find that when that happens, it's usually the right road! Good luck with all of your new adventures!! :)

  5. yay! I'm so happy for you! I don't think continuing education is ever a bad thing. And is sounds like everything is working out just like you want it to :)