Tuesday, June 14, 2011


so today I am sitting here avoiding getting ready for work. haha, yes I know it sounds stupid, but I am just wore out. And I have about a million different random thoughts running through my head, so stick with me! It might be weird or odd haha, but I thought maybe if I told you guys, maybe I won't feel so stupid!

Random thoughts from the mind of Kae: 

one-my birthday if Friday, still not knowing how to feel about this, Scott claims he has something planned, but I am not sure what it could be. I am clueless

two-I feel like I am constantly apologizing for things that I shouldn't be. I say sorry constantly and then say sorry for saying sorry. 

three-coloring my hair on my birthday...hope it turns out ok.

four-I feel like I am slacking in life because everyone around me is getting married, married, or having babies... (am I behind?)

five- I love blogging, it makes my day everyday, especially all your sweet comments. 

six- I am thinking of investing in the P90x dvd set....?? Any comments on whether I should or not?

seven-do you all think I am crazy yet? 

well I know this is a completely random post, please no judgement haha! I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday, better get ready for work... boo :(

1 comment:

  1. I loved p90x. Did it before our wedding. It's good.
    Also checkout bodyrocktv.com - free workouts posted everyday that you do at home!