Monday, May 7, 2012


So I am officially home. 

I got home Friday afternoon, and my pop-e even drove over too see us for the weekend!
It was really nice, but like when you move anywhere it was some what hectic. 

Milli is in her adjustment stage of the move. She gets to run around and be outside all day, but she now has learned to bark..... I am not a happy momma about that.

But first off I want to say CONGRATS to my momma!
She graduated with her Master's in Art Education!

I am so proud of her! She is awesome!

I spent all day yesterday cleaning my old room, and getting it organized... I am so glad it is done! 

I even applied for a summer job today, so I feel a little positive today! 

I did want to share a great pic with my pop-e! 

Happy Monday! 

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