Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Happy Wednesday! 
Half way mark for the week!!!!

loving that I got to spend quality time with my pop-e this past weekend! 

loving that I got the new Mumford and Sons cd.

loving that only 9 sleeps and I see my love... 

loving that I am down 5 pounds. I still have 10-15 to go, but still makes me feel like slowly maybe the pounds will come off.

and loving that this past weekend...the twins turned 2!!! I can't believe they are now two, and I wish I could have been there.. :( 

I hope you all are having a great week.

Real quick- Do you guys buy storage???????
I was trying to add a picture to my blog, and they told me I am at my storage/picture limit? Help please!


  1. That Mumford & Sons cd really is amazing! And congrats on your weightloss! Keep up the hard work!

    Where were you trying to add a picture? I've never even heard of a storage issue.. Hmmm..

  2. YAY for 5 lbs!! Nice work! I use google+ to add photos now...try that. :)