Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things you love...

This week has been a stressful week...not only have I been coaching two sports, but my good friend Hope (the one I had a girls weekend with) found out her brother who was only 27 passed away. I knew him, and it still just shocking and heartbreaking. I feel so much sadness for the family, and wish I could do something to help.

It got me thinking though. How much do we take for granted... ? I know that there are many times that I get angry at my family or Scott, and I think I say things at times that can be so hurtful, and I probably do it because you seem to hurt the ones you love the most...
How wrong is that? 
This week I spent so much time thinking about how much I am blessed, and need to make sure I let the people I love know how much they mean to me! 



My sweet M has reminded me how blessed I am. 
I went to take a picture to send to Scott, and she licked my face, which turned into my new favorite picture.

So maybe take time to tell those you love them... I know that I am so excited to go home tonight after conferences to see my family.... 

Happy Thursday! 
LOVES you guys too and all your sweet comments.


  1. GREAT post!!! Love it. I too love that photo. So sweet.

  2. What a sweet post : )
    Have a fantastic weekend!