Friday, November 22, 2013

5 Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm joining the link up for 5 on Friday!
ONE: So some exciting news as to why I wasn't blogging yesterday. One of the kiddos I teach...well his stepdad runs the movie theater here. We were talking when he picked up his kid about when Catching Fire would be showing. Well he was doing a sneak peek for some of his friends, and he said I could go! So my cousin Courtney and I went and  got to watch Catching Fire, YESTERDAY before it was open to the public.... FOR FREE. Yeah...I was so stoked! I loved loved the books, and this just was such an awesome way to end my day! Ps. the movie.... AHHHHH MAZING
Highly recommend it!
TWO: I have an amazing friends....I am pretty blessed...and when I got home from work today I found a package at my front door. One of my amazing best friends, Erika, got me this beautiful painting "just because" "it was you" :) she knows me so well. love you.
THREE: Every Friday I get to watch the younger ones for an hour. We call it toddler group, but I have a family friend who brings her daughter, and we take a photo every Friday. Love it!
FOUR: I am so looking foward to hopefully getting out of town tomorrow, to Casper for some actual shopping. I would love to get enough stuff for a photo wall in the living room. I would also love to finally print some wedding photos! Civilization watch out.. (if the weather/roads cooperate)
Ps. If you have any ideas for a photo wall, send me the pics!
FIVE: I love coming home to Milli. We always cuddle, and she is my buddy. Last night we laid in bed an watched Grey's while Scott watche Thursday night football. She sneaks into bed also with me at about 5:30 every morning...good thing we have a king size bed so her dad doesn't notice!
love her.
who couldn't love that face?
Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. that pic of milli! bless!!! love snuggling with fur babies!! :)

  2. Millie is too cute!! That art work is pretty!! Have fund shopping - we are supposed to get a snow storm! I'm hoping it misses us!!

  3. A photo wall! Yay! Love it. Can't wait to see. Oh Milli!! So cute. That art is so pretty.