Friday, November 15, 2013

Birthday for Papa... and a little extra

Happy Friday.
I hope you all have had a wonderful week. Mine was hectic, and I couldn't be more glad to welcome in Friday. I love Friday's because we get off work at 1.
But more importantly today is my dad (step)'s birthday!!!
He is an amazing guy, and if I was to list everything he has taught me since I was 5 years old this blog would be more of a novel. He has been not only a great dad to my sisters and I, but a wonderful husband, teacher, coach, and just all around guy.
Happy Birthday Papa P. Hope you have a fantastic day.


love you!
 so a couple things I have to share from the week:
1. Alison my best Canadian friend sent Scott and I the most amazing wedding gift ever. I teared up honestly. It's a custome cutting board, that has our wedding invitation on it. Thank you again...amazing.
2. I love getting these snap chats from one of my besties. almost everyday. they make my day constantly.
3. Milli is constantly making me smile. This past week was a big basketball game. Kansas vs. Duke. I am a huge Duke fan. But a lot of my family are Kansas fans...but I had to get M in the spirit for the big game. (duke lost) still upset.
Then yesterday she literally pushed backed the curtain to look outside. Nosey much?

4. It was emotional week, and at the end of the day I just keep reminding myself how blessed I really am. Sorry for the lack of blogging, but like I said I was a little out of it.
so I am chosing happiness.
Happy weekend. xxoo

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  1. Happy birthday to your pops! :) Glad you like the gift! :) Awe Milli, such a cutie! Happy weekend friend.